What is the difference between led filament bulbs and led bulbs?

Release time:2019-04-30

There is a certain difference between led filament bulb […]

There is a certain difference between led filament bulbs and led bulbs. Although there is only one or two words difference between the two, in fact, there are completely different trends in the application principle and future industrial prospects.
First of all, between the LED filament lamp and the led bulb, it is an enhanced display. As we all know, the traditional LED bulb has many advantages, but because the direction of illumination is fixed, and generally only incandescent light, although it is environmentally friendly and energy-saving, the application range is relatively wide, but in the current situation where people's decoration requirements are increasing rapidly, the decoration level The requirements are getting higher and higher, and there will be higher requirements for this type of traditional high-low bulb, and the led filament lamp is born in this background.

Secondly, the LED filament bulb is a new product based on the traditional LED bulb, which is more environmentally friendly and energy-saving, and has the advantages that the traditional LED bulb does not have. The 360-degree all-round lighting space can also control the lighting effects of different colors, which makes this bulb product widely available. In different occasions, whether it is a home decoration or a high-end office building, the hotel decoration is just as easy.

In addition, the difference between led filament bulbs and led bulbs is that the price of the former is relatively higher in the market. Of course, in the long-term cost of use, it is more cost-effective to choose a led filament bulb. I believe that many of them are more cost-effective. Friends know this concept, and will pay more attention when purchasing bulb products.