What does the led backlight mean?

Release time:2019-04-19

Led backlight actually refers to a part of the material […]

Led backlight actually refers to a part of the material that uses light-emitting diodes as the light source of the liquid crystal display. The use of this type of backlight is produced under new process conditions and has its own outstanding advantages. It includes low power consumption, low heat and relatively long service life. Moreover, for the traditional light source products, the LED backlight should be higher in wave degree and more suitable for human visual effect sensing, and it is called one of the ideal backlights in modern times.
The light source of the led backlight is illuminated from the side of the display or behind the back. The light source emitted from such an angle, whether in illumination or on the brightness of the display, can produce a more adaptive vision. The effect will also have a protective effect on the human eye. The traditional light source emits light from the front. Once the luminosity is relatively strong, it is easy to affect the human eye, and the visual effect is not so good. Therefore, the emergence of led backlights has changed the shortcomings of traditional light source effects, so it has been put into use in large quantities.