The difference between ceiling light and downlight - different installation positions.

Release time:2018-08-16

The difference between the ceiling light and the downli […]

The difference between the ceiling light and the downlight is that the installation location is different. The downlights are usually installed in either a clear or concealed manner, but they are usually placed on the side of the ceiling, regardless of the way they are installed.
This type of mosaic is always hidden in the corner. On the upper side, the projected light is directed downwards, and can be combined with different external components such as bulbs, reflectors, and blinds to increase the projection effect of the downlight, occupying a small space and belonging to the atmosphere of the room. And what about the ceiling light? The variety of ceiling lamps is diverse, but most of them are used for interior decoration. At present, the most important thing is the use of LED ceiling lights, and the decorative effect is the warmth and romance of the bedroom.