Incandescent lamp introduction.

Release time:2018-06-29

Different uses and requirements of incandescent lamps, […]

Different uses and requirements of incandescent lamps, their structure and components are not the same. Although the light efficiency of incandescent lamps is low, but the light color and light collection performance is good, it is the largest output. The incandescent lamp heats the filaments to the incandescent state and emits visible light using heat radiation. Since 1879, when T.A.
Edison of the United States made carbon fiber (ie, carbon filament) incandescent lamps, the filament materials, filament structure, and filling gas have been continuously improved, and the luminous efficiency of incandescent lamps has also been correspondingly improved. In 1959, the United States developed tungsten bulbs with small volume and decay on the basis of incandescent lamps. The development trend of incandescent lamps is mainly the development of energy-saving light bulbs. The most widely used electric light source for different applications.