Household spotlight use.

Release time:2018-08-09

Spotlights are typical headless lights, modern genre li […]

Spotlights are typical headless lights, modern genre lighting of a fixed size, which can create an indoor lighting atmosphere. If a row of small spotlights is combined, the light can change into a wonderful pattern. Since the small spotlights can freely change the angle, the effect of the combined lighting is also ever-changing. The light lines are soft and graceful, and they can also be partially lit to enhance the atmosphere.

Spotlights can be placed around the ceiling or on the upper part of the furniture and can be placed inside a wall, wall skirt or skirting. The light directly shines on the objects that need to be emphasized, in order to highlight the subjective aesthetic effect, to achieve the artistic effect of focusing, unique environment, rich layers, rich atmosphere and colorful. The lighting light line is soft and graceful, which can play a leading role in the overall lighting, and can also partially illuminate the atmosphere.