Classification of explosion-proof LED lights.

Release time:2018-12-22

Explosion-proof LED lamps are mainly used for industria […]

Explosion-proof LED lamps are mainly used for industrial lighting. They are divided into fixed explosion-proof LED lamps and portable explosion-proof LED lamps according to the installation method.
Fixed explosion-proof LED lamps: The increase in LED power increases the amount of heat it dissipates, thereby accelerating the light decay speed of the light source and shortening the life of the light source. At present, the design power of fixed explosion-proof LED lamps ranges from 3×3W to 120W. Installation methods are mostly used for ceiling mounting, wall mounting and high power street lights.
Portable explosion-proof LED lights are commonly found in explosion-proof LED flashlights. Because LED has high brightness, low power consumption, long life and small size, it is an ideal light source for explosion-proof flashlights. Portable explosion-proof LED lamps are mainly suitable for mobile lighting in various explosion-proof places.